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Blaster Cylinder Head Re-Chamber

More torque, better throttle response, cleaner burn and more top end power.  A custom rechambered Yamaha Blaster head is a GREAT modification on any blaster but is a must for built engines.  Custom head design to suit any need, trail bike on 87 octane all the way to alky drag bikes. 


Blaster Bottom End Rebuild

Blaster Cylinder Porting

Cylinder porting is a great modification for any 2-Stroke that significantly increases power and speed.  Modified layouts for any need; Trail, Motocross, or Drag racing.  We strongly recommend coupling this with a head rechambering for maximum power gains.


Add $40 for triple exhaust ports

Crankcase Repair

Have a busted engine case? Don't want to spend a fortune on an OEM case? Then send your broken cases to SCD Racing!  All repairs hand tig welded and finished to spec.  Quality repairs done the right way.

Most repairs are $50 per area.  Large repairs may cost more estimated on a case by case basis.

Need your bottom end rebuilt? Don't want to risk tackling it yourself? Send it to SCD Racing!

All bottom end rebuilds include lapping to ensure a leak free case seal and new crank bearings and seal installed!